Pick up and Delivery

Your Best Freight Forwarder in China

  • Pick up and delivery arrangements done quickly.

  • Low prices to any city in China.

  • Guaranteed trucking service even during peak season.

  • Goods insurance on every truck.


As we all know, warehousing costs in Europe and North America are extremely expensive, but warehousing is a very important aspect of global logistics.

We provide our customers with stable, reliable and extremely low-cost warehouse services.

Highlight: Ningbo’s warehouse can provide up to 3 months of free storage.

Owning independent import and export warehouses in all Chinese ports.

Providing logistics services from Chinese warehouses to overseas warehouses,

Our warehouse can flexibly combine multiple suppliers’ goods into one shipment or combined them into one container. the shipping cost is greatly reduced. Our experience can save about 600%.

We have our own independent exporting warehouse:

We provide our customers with extremely low storage costs. We have all our own warehouses in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Ningbo, Shanghai, Qingdao and Tianjin. Greatly reduce the logistics storage cost of customers.

Our warehousing rate is probably maintained: 100USD/20GP and 150USD/40HQ.

We have our own independent importing warehouse:

Every year, Panda import all kinds of alcohol, food, raw materials and equipment from overseas. When these goods are cleared, we will deliver the goods to our nearest importing warehouse, distribute them according to the requirements of customers., relying on Panda’s powerful domestic LTL logistics and transportation network. We can deliver the parcel to any corner of China within 3 days.

Moreover, we will be flexible in the allocation of goods, Chinese holiday, Warehouses will hit capacity limits, many drivers need to line up outside the warehouse for several days, in order to catch ETD before the Chinese holiday. As China’s Spring Festival lasts for a month.

Therefore, we will allocate the holiday goods to our importing.

Warehouse because during the Chinese holiday, the importing warehouse is not so full. to ensure that Panda’s customers can catch the fast ETD.

Choosing Panda logistics as your Chinese shipping agent and using our warehousing service will definitely benefit you a lot when importing from China.